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Mexican dinner

Ta-Da! Here it is, the new newsletter format for christinanifong.com.

To many of you, this email will seem similar, hopefully a bit better, than what I’ve been sending to your inbox. But to others, this is Day 1, your first go at my ramblings and recipes and I want to say thanks for coming aboard.

A quick word on how this all works: Click the Read More or any highlighted text or the photographs at the bottom to take you to my website, where you’ll find stories, recipes and more.

I love hearing from readers, so let me know if you’ve got a compliment, a correction, a way you do it differently. Feel free to comment on the website page, stop me at school pickup or drop me an email, whatever’s easiest.

My goal is to have this waiting in your in-box when you wake up on Thursday mornings so you’ll have time to feel inspired to try something new before shopping and meal planning and cooking on the weekend. (Which is the only way I get through the week. How about you?)

Many newsletters will have a theme, often influenced by what’s growing in my garden and on local farms. If you’re a farmers market shopper, you should be able to find the ingredients I’m writing about spread across your favorite market tables. I’ve recently penned posts about tomatoes and cucumbers and buttermilk. In the past, I’ve tackled chestnuts and tomatillos and zucchini.

Sometimes this email will include links to my recent magazine stories. Here’s a just published piece about how, though family portraits have changed, they still play an important role. For more background, here’s the “Welcome” post I wrote when I launched this website in March.

Today, in honor of a new beginning, I’ll feature three of my family’s favorite recipes: Asian Peanut Sauce (We eat this most often over butter fried tofu, lightly sautéed garden veggies and brown rice, but it would certainly do a chicken breast proud.), Pesto Cheese Straws (This is a new favorite; it’s turned out to be a great after-school snack, not to mention a fun way to use all that pesto I’ve been making.), and our Best Blueberry Muffins (which really is a basic recipe for pretty much any muffin you’d like to make).

One more bit of news. If you live in my neck of the woods, don’t miss a class I’m teaching at the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op on Saturday, Oct. 22. I’ll be talking about ways to find local food and tips for cooking it once you’ve brought it home. We’ll also make three dishes together. Maybe you or someone you know is interested in eating more seasonally and nutritiously or maybe you’d like to have a few more recipes in your meal-planning rotation. Stop by the Co-op or give them a call at 540-343-5652 to register.

Again, thanks for reading!

Up next week: All about honey…

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