soup and sunflower

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I’d like to introduce you to my new website. Reader, meet: christinanifong.com.

She’s looking good, don’t you think? I hope you’ll find her interesting and helpful, a place to turn when you’re hankering for a good story or just the right recipe.

Kind of like the real me.

In case you don’t know the real me: I’m a fortysomething mother of three youngish children, a lover of sunshine and dirt and fresh food from the garden and experimenting in the kitchen. I live in a small city in Southwest Virginia, where I enjoy stunning sunrises and views of the Appalachian peaks that border my valley.

But if I had to give you one word to explain who I am, it would be: writer.

Which is why I created this site. To share my writing.

As you can read on my About page, I have written throughout my life, mostly for newspapers and magazines. I took a break when my kids were small, then in 2014 I became the Food Writer for The Roanoke Times. In 2015, I birthed and fed my first web page, www.curlalittlefinger.com. This year, I’m starting anew.

If you’re a lover of good writing, I hope you’ll dig in to my blog. There, you’ll find an archive of essays about cooking and gardening. In the future, expect regular posts on what’s happening in my kitchen and on my little plot of land, with my kids and in my writing life.

There’s also my Published Work page. There you can read links and PDFs to the pieces I’ve penned in the past and the stories I’m working on, once they’ve been printed.

So writing, yes. But also, recipes.

I’ve been cooking for even longer than I’ve been writing — if those Toll House cookies and batches of fudge stirred up with my mom count. I am not a chef or a nutritionist, but I do put a healthy dinner for five on the table most nights. I make nearly everything from scratch (think delicious soups, garden-inspired vegetarian dishes, yummy cupcakes). And I freeze, can, dry and cure all my garden extras so I can eat homegrown veggies even in the dark days of winter.

The recipes you’ll find here have been prepared and perfected in my kitchen. Many are favorites from cherished cookbooks and websites (I’ll always tell you where I got them). Some are my own, often developed to make a tasty dish out of an ingredient I had on hand or my spin on a classic. My cooking style trends toward simple, healthy, whole-food based and garden-inspired. Just what you were looking for, right?

Expect to see new recipes posted regularly. I’ll be sharing with you the best of what I’ve been recently sampling in my kitchen as a way for me to build an online cookbook and to share recipes as they’re in season.

Mostly, I’m hoping that you’ll become a “follower” of this website. What that means is that you’ll receive a weekly email that includes tips on seasonal eating, links to my most recent writings and recipes crafted for cooking in the week ahead.

I have no plans to seek advertisers and will not be making your email address available to anyone. So following along should not increase your email spam or otherwise invade your privacy. By becoming a follower, you’re simply signaling that you’d like to read what I am writing. And, unlike when you connect via Facebook or other social media sites, there are no algorithms that determine whether or not you will see my work. My posts will quietly wait for you in your inbox.

So, here we are, me and my website. May this be the beginning of a long and happy friendship.