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cooking class

Every few months, I teach cooking classes at the Roanoke Co+op. I’ve also worked with the Roanoke Community Garden Association and led a weekday demonstration in the office kitchen for Scott Insurance. I’ve talked food with moms groups and church groups. And I’ve taught elementary school children how to grow and eat their veggies. I teach because I love hearing from experienced and new cooks and sharing what I’ve learned during my decade of delving into local food.

Typically, my classes are structured like this: I arrive with a handout of recipes and resources, and I begin the class teaching on a particular topic. Then we eat the food I’ve prepared (often lunch) as we talk about cooking techniques and I answer questions. At some point, there’s usually a demonstration portion where participants can try their hands at a skill. After the class is complete, I like to send a followup email with links to more resources or recipes that I may have referenced during our time together.

If your office or organization is interested in scheduling a class, send me an email ( We can talk rates and structure. I’m open to many topics and to customizing a presentation that meets your needs.

I have experience teaching children and adults. And I’m happy to provide references.

Here’s a list of classes I’ve taught or topics I think would make for an interesting presentation:

How to Make Soups from Scratch

How to Build a Better Salad/Salad in a Jar Demonstration

Turning Your Farmers Market Finds Into Dinner

Giving New Grains a Try

Help! What Oil am I Supposed to Use When?

Adding More Veggies Into Your Day

Baking with Honey and Maple Syrup (Learn to Ditch Sugar)

Perfecting Your Pesto (Not just the basil and pine nuts version, either)

Meal Planning With the Kids — Not Against Them

Parent/Child Cooking Class: Making Granola

New Ways to Eat Your Berries

Dinner in a Bowl