christina nifong in her kitchen

I am a gatherer of tales, a harvester of ideas, who has enjoyed a decades-long career as a journalist and writer.

Today, I spin my yarns in a home office surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Southwest Virginia, freelancing for magazines such as The Roanoker, SWVA Living, Life Outside and The Local Palate.

But on my way here, I’ve worked in such far-flung places as Albania and Vienna. I’ve set up shop in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Raleigh, N.C.

I’ve penned stories about presidential races and poverty. I’ve covered artists and chefs, written yearlong series and award-winning short features. The pieces I love most are those that introduce readers to new concepts,  intriguing people and excellent writing — the stories you can’t put down.

Fourteen years ago, I landed in Roanoke, Va., with a husband and a gaggle of kids and a yearning to learn more about this local food movement that was just beginning to germinate. In the last decade, I’ve become a committed locavore, with a garden that covers much of my postage-stamp yard and chickens who roam through it all. In 2014, I spent a year writing about food for The Roanoke Times. I have also taught workshops on writing and ways to connect to local food. You’ll see my love of gardening and cooking reflected throughout my website, especially in Recipes, where my ever-longer list of favorite dishes should keep you well-fed.

What I hope keeps you coming back to my website is an appetite for a well-told tale. On the Published Work and Everyday Essays pages you’ll find links to my pieces as they appear in print, online and beyond.

In February, I launched a monthly newsletter, Nourishing Stories, featuring personal essays, links to noteworthy writing and events, and seasonal recipes. Sign up here to receive Nourishing Stories in your in-box.

I am currently at work on my first piece of fiction — a Middle Grade book telling the story of two kids growing up on a sustainable family farm.

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— Christina Nifong


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