cahas mountain
Paul James’s 15-acre personal arboretum boasts stunning examples of rhododendron and azalea, as well as a breathtaking view of Cahas mountain. Photo by Sandy Ferrell.

What inspires you? People? Places? Experiences?

Lately, I’ve sensed inspiration all around. Spring will do that to a girl. But also I’ve lately encountered wisdom-filled conversations and travel to thrumming cities. Like I said, inspiration everywhere.

So … time for a little sharing. First, my profile of a man who has been inspiring gardeners for decades. If you’ve ever felt like you just simply can’t recover from a loss, you need to read this ….

Click here for the story of Paul James, a rock-star of a rhododendron grower whose life and land are at a crossroads.

Next, I am newly back from New York City (Did you miss me?) and feeling so invigorated by the incredible markets they have there — fish, produce, bread. As well as the amazing street food — Peruvian, Jamaican, Middle Eastern. Everywhere, delicious ethnic food. Drool….

Here, a few photos from The Lobster Place Seafood Market and Sarabeth’s Bakery, both in the incredible food paradise that is Chelsea Market.

The Lobster Place, NYC The Lobster Place, NYC The Lobster Place, NYC


Sarabeth's Bakery, NYC Sarabeth's Bakery, NYC




Also, three cherished recipes, good anytime of year — chocolate zucchini cakechicken pot pie and my favorite not-too-sweet pumpkin bread.

Finally, a quick hello and welcome to all those who are perhaps tuning in for the first time. Click here to read my introductory post. I hope you’ll spend some time perusing the 70-plus recipes that are archived on the site already.

Now it’s your turn: I’d love to hear what you are cooking up these days. Are you as excited about eating from the garden again as I am? Anyone out there growing a flat of micro-greens? What’s your favorite ethnic food?

Thanks so much for reading. See you again next week.