A Peek Inside

It’s not done. But let’s be honest, it might never be done. So come on in and have a look.

After six weeks of dust and nearly a month of moving back in, I present to you, ladies and gentlemen … my new kitchen.

This is where we started …

before kitchen before kitchen before kitchen




This was (shudder) the first day of demolition …

kitchen renovation kitchen renovation kitchen renovation


Here was around about week 3 …. You can really see what the wood floor looked like once we got the vinyl off but before it was refinished.

kitchen renovation kitchen renovation

And now …

kitchen kitchen




A vast improvement, don’t you think?

To celebrate, let’s stir up some delicious spring dishes. This week, recipes for paprika potatoes, herby pasta alfredo and an amazing arugula salad. If you’re not eating arugula — like once a week right now, before it’s bitter or bolting, you should be.

Till next week …