Losing the Need to Win

I can easily recall the disappointment on my sweet son’s face. We were perched, him and me, at a game table by the window at a state park in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a rainy day and our plans of wandering and fishing had been shifted to play and snacks inside the visitor’sContinue reading “Losing the Need to Win”

Finding My Path

Six years ago next month,my first newspaper feature in more than a decade was printed in The Roanoke Times. That story marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life, one where I would attempt to add a career in writing to the swirl of raising three kids and eating local food and volunteering in my community. I’dContinue reading “Finding My Path”

I’ve Missed You!

What can I say? What started as a busy few months morphed into a yearlong (Really? How did that happen?) break. But I’m back. With recipes. And not-to-be-missed local food events and links to my writing. Speaking of which … that’s really what’s to blame for my — shall we call it a sabbatical? I’veContinue reading “I’ve Missed You!”

Thank you! And a Look Ahead…

It’s been about a year since I sent out my first version of this newsletter. It’s been something like two-and-a-half years since I penned my first blog post. And gosh a lot has changed in that time. But you know what hasn’t? You. Since I scribbled my first food column for The Roanoke Times, manyContinue reading “Thank you! And a Look Ahead…”

Magazines, Essays and Cookbooks

This week, I’ve been head-down, reporting and writing two stories for the magazine SWVA Living. One was a profile of a well-known and inspiring local painter (Nan Mahone Wellborn) who will be taking part in a popular artists studio tour in Roanoke the last weekend in April. The other was a look at asparagus —Continue reading “Magazines, Essays and Cookbooks”

Welcome, 2017!

Yes, for the third time in as many Januarys I am greeting the new year with a new website. Let me say only that the learning curve for establishing my place in the virtual world has been steeper than I ever imagined. This go ’round, I’ve given the site a fresh look and also made some large changes with howContinue reading “Welcome, 2017!”


  Thursday is Thanksgiving — a time to gather with family and friends, a day to indulge and relax. It’s an occasion to count our blessings and to spend time romping in the chilly sunshine and lounging in front of televised parades.      It’s also the only holiday I can think of that isContinue reading “Celebrations”

Eating My Way Through Virginia’s Wine Country

  For four days I lived someone else’s life.      I drove along country lanes connecting horse farms and wineries and estates, and ate multi-course breakfasts, lunches and dinners cooked by celebrated chefs often working just a few feet away from where I dined.      I stayed at resorts and in manor housesContinue reading “Eating My Way Through Virginia’s Wine Country”