How to Find Local Food

Buying local can connect you with healthier food that is good for the environment and your community. It takes a bit of retraining — like forming any good habit. But the rewards are delicious fruits, vegetables and proteins at the peak of their flavor. Below, find a few resources to get you started. Once youContinue reading “How to Find Local Food”

Pear Spice Muffins

Every fall I pick and buy local apples by the box. But this year when area farmers were offering pears in bulk, I decided to give them a try too. Let me say that it’s a little scary to haul home 25 pounds of Asian pears — or beautifully sweet carrots or luscious ears ofContinue reading “Pear Spice Muffins”

Welcome, 2017!

Yes, for the third time in as many Januarys I am greeting the new year with a new website. Let me say only that the learning curve for establishing my place in the virtual world has been steeper than I ever imagined. This go ’round, I’ve given the site a fresh look and also made some large changes with howContinue reading “Welcome, 2017!”