Fruit Smoothies

fruit smoothie

I LOVE smoothies. My kids LOVE smoothies. I mean, really, who doesn’t love smoothies? I once kept a whole cookbook devoted to smoothies on my shelf. But I quickly realized that the beauty of a smoothie is that you don’t need a recipe. Just a few guidelines, maybe, and a willingness to taste and adjust as needed. So here goes: Your guide to making a rockin’ fruit smoothie. Stay tuned for a later post on green smoothies, which, it’s true, are easier to mess up.

Makes 3-4 smoothies


  • 2 cups yogurt (Our choice is full-fat, organic plain or vanilla. It’s really good if you use homemade yogurt.)
  • 2 bananas (Can be over-ripe or frozen. If you have a lame blender like we did for so many years, you may need to coarsely chop your bananas first or thaw them if they’re coming from the freezer.)
  • 4 to 6 cups fresh or frozen fruit (I think berries are the best. This is a great way to use up less than perfect berries if you grow or pick your own. Peaches, mangoes and pineapple are also good choices.)
  • Local honey to taste (I often omit this ingredient altogether. It depends on how sweet you like your smoothies, what kind of yogurt you used and how ripe your fruit is.)


Throw everything in your blender and whirl until you reach your desired consistency and taste. If it feels too thick or you’d like to add another flavor or nutritional benefit, you can pour in some fruit juice, any kind of milk (think almond, cashew, coconut or cow’s) or water. Start with a half-cup and add more if you like.