Harvest Vegetable Soup

In times of struggle, anxiety, illness, there is no better balm than soup. It is literally a healing food. It’s also a comfort. It’s unfussy. It can be made quickly, easily, cheaply. This soup, in particular, lends itself to adaptation. Toss in a little of this. Add a little of that. Which makes it well-suitedContinue reading “Harvest Vegetable Soup”

Magazines, Essays and Cookbooks

This week, I’ve been head-down, reporting and writing two stories for the magazine SWVA Living. One was a profile of a well-known and inspiring local painter (Nan Mahone Wellborn) who will be taking part in a popular artists studio tour in Roanoke the last weekend in April. The other was a look at asparagus —Continue reading “Magazines, Essays and Cookbooks”